Growing Microgreens Without Soil – An Introduction To Hydroponics

Because microgreens are harvested so quickly, growing microgreens without soil is a much simpler and easier process than growing mature plants that have to go through vegetative, flowering and fruiting stages.

How Hydroponics Works

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. When plants are grown without soil, the necessities that soil would normally provide, namely root support and nutrients, must be provided to the plants by some other means. The nutrients are usually provided in liquid form through additions to the watering system. Root support is usually provided by 

Growing Mats or Soil-like Substance for Seed Germination

Without soil to support the roots of the plants, hydroponic growers much provide some other structure.

Growing Mats – both BioDegradable and Not


Many people prefer growing without soil, or hydroponically, because it is a much cleaner process. On a purely superficial level, imany people do not want the potentail dirt and mess that can come as a result of bringing soil into the home.From a food safety standpoint, there is a much lower chance of contamination from soil-bourne organisms when growing microgreens without soil.

There are some varieties that will not grow hydroponically

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Hydroponics is Cool. But weigh the pros and cons.

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